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There is no denying the fact that we all love to visit the countryside for spending time relaxing under the warm sun and enjoying the beauty of nature. While it is true that we all love to visit the beautiful countryside towns, we seldom think about preserving them. The fact is that we all love to experience the beauty of the countryside with its fresh air and natural scenery. However, it is important that while we enjoy our stay in the countryside and take a break from our chaotic, monotonous life; we take steps to ensure that its beauty remains intact. There are some very basic things that you should bear in your mind when you visit the countryside or if you are living here. The Countryside Code will help you in understanding what you should do and what you shouldn’t. Here is the Countryside Code for Wales.

Countryside Code Wales

The Welsh countryside is beautiful, to say the least. The stunning landscapes are quite mesmerising with the beautiful valleys and mountains adding to the overall aesthetic appeal. There is a lot that is to be done in order to maintain the visual appeal of this place and as visitors or citizens, there are a few things that you can do to contribute as well. Whether you are visiting the Welsh countryside for a holiday or if you are living and working here, there is a set code that you need to follow.

So, what are the things that you are supposed to always bear in mind when living or holidaying in the Welsh countryside?

Respect people who reside in the countryside:

It is important to understand that no job is big or small. The people who reside in the countryside are responsible in some way or the other for making your visit to their place memorable. Respect them and the work they do for tourists like you.

Understand your limits:

Most land that you see on the countryside is usually owned by agricultural farmers and landlords. It is upon their dicretion to allow you or not to spend time on their land. Always check for permission before entering any property.

Prevent damage to crops:

There are always pathways created for you to move around. Avoid walking on the crops and damaging them when you have a clear pathway across the farmand. Also, avoid fields where you see animals. You may cause them trouble and may also hurt yourself in return.

Educate your kids:

When you are traveling with children, it is important you give them some basic information on how they need to behave in the countryside. Littering is often punishable. You should always carry your litter back with you. Plastic and tin cans can be extremely dangerous for the grazing animals. A bigger concern for many is the children playing with animals. This may cause the farmers a lot of trouble.

The above mentioned countryside code is a piece of advice issued by the Welsh Government in order to help you understand your responsibility towards the protection of the Welsh countryside. By following these simple steps, you can stay safe and also enjoy yourself in the best possible manner.


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People love traveling to the countryside with our advice. Here are a few examples...

When I was planning my vacation to the North of Wales, I wanted to be sure that I get all possible information about the countryside. TheCountryside Code Wales website offered me a lot of basic details which I could have overlooked easily. Thank you for helping me understand what I can and cannot do at the Welsh countryside. 
By Lucas Townsend

Happy Clients

People love traveling to the countryside with our advice. Here are a few examples...

I had planned a vacation with my family to the Welsh Countryside and wanted to be sure that I don’t do anything wrong there that I may have to regret later. The Countryside Code helped me a great deal to plan ahead and ensure that I and my family have a safe trip. Thank you!  
By Jay Cunningham