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Taking care of our home

If you ever felt cold in a winter night, would you chop off your own door so you can burn it in the fireplace? If you have finished eating your snack, would you trop the bag on the floor and just let it sit there forever? If you are bored, would you throw darts at your couch and leave holes all over it? If you needed to write something down, but you didn't have any paper handy, would you use your wall instead?

You wouldn't do these things because you know you have to take care of the house where you live. However, the Earth is our home too, and arguably even more important than our houses themselves. Yet people keep damaging it, because of greed, carelessness, ambition, misinformation or just boredom. We pollute the world, we cut down trees, we hunt down species until they dissappear, we fill the world with trash and we change environments forever just so we can suit our immediate needs. Environmental awareness is increasing among the population, but there is still a lot left to do. 

Natural reserves and the preservation of our environment

All we have exists because it came from nature. Sometimes the path is more straightforward, like fruits and meat we eat, were once part of a living being that was born as a species from nature. Other times, it's less obvious, but all raw materials and all energy sources we use to make things we own and to consume so we can live on, come from nature. And we ourselves come from nature, as well. If we destroy nature, we destroy ourselves.

One of the many attempts of preserving natural resources and species was the creation of nature reserves. What It's a space of land where you can find endangered species or any other living being or natural resource that needs protection from the destructive action of humans. A nature reserve is a space where people take care of those species and make sure they stay longer in this world. There are nature reserves all over the world, and the UK has hundreds of them. 

Few people know how a nature reserve really is, they often imagine them as wide lands surounded by fences, where rangers and foresters patrol so you don't kill anything or set anything on fire. Nature reserves are, as a matter of fact, much more than that. There are often educational or activity centers where you can learn about the species protected there, as well as what you can do to take care of nature yourself. Many people do things that harm the environment, not because they mean to or they don't care about it, but simply because they don't realize the consequences of what they're doing. Nature reserves in the UK often welcome whoever is willing to learn all of this. They are places of awe and amusement for anyone who loves nature and living creatures, and they can be a great place for spending a day with your family or your friends, getting to know it better and going for a walk or a ride. Getting in closer contact with nature can always be a very pleasant and fun experience, and you may learn something new about how to take care of our home planet.

The Essex Wildlife Trust

If you live in Essex, the Essex Wildlife Trust is where you have to go if you want to learn more about nature reserves and how to take care of the flora and fauna of our area. The Essex Wildlife Trust contact number is 08448501027. You can call to request more information on the matter of your interest or on the activities and tours they organize in the many nature reserves in Essex.

The regional nature reserve iniciative is a part of a national and international movement towards nature conservation. Nature reserves in Essex aim to increase awareness on the importance of protecting endangered species as well as the planet as a whole, which are concepts that must be a part of our children's education if we want the future to be bright for them. Developing a global nature reserve network seems to be a big step forwards in wildlife preservation, yet attempts to establish and organize one have been unsuccessful so far. Perhaps proper education and experiences of close contact with nature are what our next generation needs to build a different world once they are the ones who hold postions of power and make decisions that can actually chage the fate of our planet. So far, all wildlife reserves can do is seed.

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People love traveling to the countryside with our advice. Here are a few examples...

When I was planning my vacation to the North of Wales, I wanted to be sure that I get all possible information about the countryside. TheCountryside Code Wales website offered me a lot of basic details which I could have overlooked easily. Thank you for helping me understand what I can and cannot do at the Welsh countryside. 
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Happy Clients

People love traveling to the countryside with our advice. Here are a few examples...

I had planned a vacation with my family to the Welsh Countryside and wanted to be sure that I don’t do anything wrong there that I may have to regret later. The Countryside Code helped me a great deal to plan ahead and ensure that I and my family have a safe trip. Thank you!  
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