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In this age of global warming and rapidly depleting natural resources, there is an urgent need to conserve the little that is left. It is for this reason that organizations are coming up to help in conservation efforts. One such dedicated organization is the Wildlife Trusts.

It is important to note that a healthy, vibrant and thriving natural environment is the fundamental source of everything essential for human well being such a shelter, food, health, water, flood prevention as well as creative inspiration and happiness. Once people realize that the true value of their natural resources, they are more likely to take action to restore and protect their source of life.

What Is Wildlife Trusts?

This is an organization that is aimed at helping in the recovery of natural resources and wildlife as they need their space to thrive beyond their restrictive designated areas. In order to achieve this, the organization ensures that the richest natural and wildlife sites are protected so that nature can spread back into the wider landscapes. These protected areas are inhabited by animals, and they include lands, seas and other water bodies. You can get more on

What Does Wildlife Trusts Do?

These organizations manage 95 thousand ha of natural and wild lands that are close to where people live. These lands, which are in 2,300 individual locations, incorporate the locals to help in the conservation efforts. This allows the communities around these natural resources to value these reserves since they are involved in the conservation efforts.

The Trusts are not allabout natural resource management only; they work towards helping people from all walks of life to enjoy nature, organize events as well as work with other institutions such as visitor centers and schools to get more people on board the conservation efforts.

But Who Makes Up the Wildlife Trusts?

This is an organization of 47 individual Trusts which cover the entire UK, Alderney and the Isle of Man. Together as a group; these organizations are UK’s best and largest people powered trusts working towards recovering nature’s best both on land and sea.

Each individual trust is independent, with its roots running deep into the local communities. Most of these organizations were established in 1960, mostly on a countywide level. The organizations were mostly set up by local environmental activists who were determined to save the last of natureís best. In the process, these efforts spread out to improve the natural resources that we enjoy today.

Who Funds the Wildlife Trusts?

A good percentage of the Trusts’ income comes from member and legators support. This support is very vital to the organizations operations and efforts. Additionally, the organization receives grants for particular projects from other sources such as statutory agencies, local authorities, and governments through the rural development initiatives.

The trusts also benefit from the Landfill Tax Credits as well as the support of key lottery distributers and operators. Such lottery funds include the Heritage Lottery, the Big Lottery, as well the People’s Postcode Lottery funds.

The Trusts have also enjoyed the benefits of strategic partnerships with other businesses across the country. The trust’s office is run on 2% of the overall income, and is keen to reflect true ownership by the locals and be fully accountable to the local members. The central charitable organization is fully owned by the trusts, and works directly for all 47 of them. 

Can Anyone Join the Wildlife Trust?

If you are passionate about environmental conservation, you can join hands with a trust near you. There is a Wildlife Trust that cover each area, so you are sure to easily access a trust in your locality. To make your work easier, simply make a search using your postcode and you’ll get the office that is nearest to you. You can make your search here. If you only want to make donations every once in a while, or you want to contribute towards a specific event or initiative, you can always contact your local trust to get this done. You can also volunteer with your local trust and participate in your preferred campaigns. You can always contact your local trust to see how you can contribute to the conservation efforts in your local wildlife trust.

How to Contact Your Local Wildlife Trust

The internet is quite resourceful when it comes to information. You can always make a quick search online to get your local trustís contacts.  If you are only interested in making general enquiries, you can check out the Wildlife Trusts official website. However, if you need specific details on activities in your locality, you can directly contact your local trust for information. You can also use the social sites such as Facebook and Twitter to keep tabs on the charity’s events.

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Happy Clients

People love traveling to the countryside with our advice. Here are a few examples...

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