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In this age of global warming and rapidly depleting natural resources, there is an urgent need to conserve the little that is left. It is for this reason that organizations are coming up to help in conservation efforts. One such dedicated organization is the Wildlife Trusts.

It is important to note that a healthy, vibrant and thriving natural environment is the fundamental source of everything essential for human well being such a shelter, food, health, water, flood prevention as well as creative inspiration and happiness. Once people realize that the true value of their natural resources, they are more likely to take action to restore and protect their source of life. Read More...

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Taking care of our home

If you ever felt cold in a winter night, would you chop off your own door so you can burn it in the fireplace? If you have finished eating your snack, would you trop the bag on the floor and just let it sit there forever? If you are bored, would you throw darts at your couch and leave holes all over it? If you needed to write something down, but you didn't have any paper handy, would you use your wall instead?

You wouldn't do these things because you know you have to take care of the house where you live. However, the Earth is our home too, and arguably even more important than our houses themselves. Yet people keep damaging it, because of greed, carelessness, ambition, misinformation or just boredom. We pollute the world, we cut down trees, we hunt down species until they dissappear, we fill the world with trash and we change environments forever just so we can suit our immediate needs. Environmental awareness is increasing among the population, but there is still a lot left to do.  Read More...

Going to Florence? You should be drinking wine in Chianti

La bella Italia

There is something just fascinating about the mediterranean culture that we Britons have still to grasp - if we ever manage to, which is, in my opinion, sadly doubtly. Some people call moving to places like Italy "finding a place in the sun", and I guess there is no more accurate way to describe it in such a few words. The chance is huge, and not only because you get to experience actual sunlight on your face most of the time, even during winter. There is sunshine inside people. It's like those warm and merry beams of light somehow found their way into the hearts of Italian people, and now those guys shine with their own light. A very welcoming light, should I say.

Going to Italy for vacation is an amazing experience, and for a number of reasons. People who live there are interesting, nice, happy and, in some way, hilarious. They shout at each other all the time and hug and have fun, they're so romantic and friendly and careless that you just want to join them, be like them, share the life they're living. The scenery is astounding, and some buildings that have managed to survive the passing of time really transport you to a different age. It's an otherworldly experience. And the natural landscapa is amazing too, the Mediterranean see is all you could wish a sea to be, and the hills and valleys catch your eye and are eager to let it go.  Read More...

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Happy Clients

People love traveling to the countryside with our advice. Here are a few examples...

When I was planning my vacation to the North of Wales, I wanted to be sure that I get all possible information about the countryside. TheCountryside Code Wales website offered me a lot of basic details which I could have overlooked easily. Thank you for helping me understand what I can and cannot do at the Welsh countryside. 
By Lucas Townsend

Happy Clients

People love traveling to the countryside with our advice. Here are a few examples...

I had planned a vacation with my family to the Welsh Countryside and wanted to be sure that I don’t do anything wrong there that I may have to regret later. The Countryside Code helped me a great deal to plan ahead and ensure that I and my family have a safe trip. Thank you!  
By Jay Cunningham